Fleet & Operation

We strive to maintain the best equipments on road to provide the highest reliability of service.


Prime Movers And Tankers

STSB has invested significantlty since inception on newer units and plan to maintain a portfolio of prime movers and tankers that don’t only meet but exceed the necessary regulatory requirements in terms of offering the latest safety advancements and providing condusive driving experience to accord the best possible driving comfort to professional drivers.

STSB has over the years built a strong relationship with its European based Truck Manufacturers, namely Scania, Volvo and Mercedes Benz, and through close collaboration and understanding of each model, STSB has been able to yield competitively low maintenance cost per kilometre. STSB decision to only invest in these European brands is a reflection of STSB’s goal to provide the best service through the investment and use of best in class equipments that offer tremendous value across all categories, from fuel economy, safety and telematics capability.

Depicted below are some of the models currently used in STSB’s fleet

  • Scania P360
  • Scania P410
  • Scania P460
  • Volvo FM09
  • Mercedes Actros 1840LS

Service Workshop & Maintenance Plan

To consistently deliver reliable quality service to our customers, STSB recognizes the importance of maintaining all units in the best possible condition to reduce downtime as well as reduce maintenance cost. For this reason, since inception, STSB has adopted the strategy of performing all repairs and services in house. Each Terminal in STBS is built with a workshop facility that is equipped to perform all necessary repairs on both Prime Movers and Tankers.

The STSB workshop personel team, are experienced and technically competent in performing comprehensive engine rebuilts, body work repair, gearbox overhaul, as well as resolving ECU electronic issues. These repairs and services are performed through use of latest available diagnostics devices specific for each area of repair and services.

STSB mechanics are well trained , experienced and most importantly, are very passionate about the condition and performance of the trucks in the fleet. Thanks to their persuit of excellence in maintaining these units in the best possible condition, STSB has been able to maintain low downtime, and deliver unparralleled reliable service to our customers.

We have over the years through our knowledge and understanding of each unit, been able to developed our own comprehensive preventive maintenance manual that encompasses all guidelines and instructions from the truck manufacturers, along with our own experience from maintaining and servicing each model.