Safety Policy

We make safety a habit deeply embeded in our organization culture.


Safety is enrished in the daily routine and culture of STSB. We systematically evaluate risk and through periodic review of our risk management plan, we constantly strive to improve our operational and safety controls. This is performed through internal initiatives and references to external agency standards.

STSB recognises the importance of safety in particular in the transportation of flammable product and therefore to ensure our safety programs are adhered to and executed thoroughly throughout the organization consistently on the day to day basis, STSB pursued the approach of standardizing its processes and benchmarking it to the highest industry standards. The hardwork and dedication contributed by all of STSB members in this initiative was fulfilled through the award of ISO Certification to STSB in 2017/2018.

This was an important milestone for STSB, as it reflects that processes adopted internally have been benchmarked and formally recognised to be aligned with the industry best practices. The quality internal management system in place is also representation of a collaborative integrated approach towards completing individual activity through application of consistent principles at each department.

We are proud recipient of the following awards and certification which is also testament to the hardwork and conscientiouness of all employees.

ISO 9001: 2015 – Quality Management Systems

OHSAS 18001 : 2017 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

MS 1722 : 2011 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

ISO 14001 : 2015 – Environmental Management Systems

Malaysian Society for Occupational Health and Safety – 2017 Gold Class – Very Good OSH Performance

Malaysian Society for Occupational Health and Safety – 2016 Gold Class – Very Good OSH Performance

These recognition is a reflection of the comprehensive safety policy and culture instituted throughout STSB which is constantly improved through yearly revision to our internal Health Safety and Environment policy handbook, Training Manual and Internal Audit Plan. We also thoroughly review through KPI set for the operational team periodically and perform frequent walkabouts to ensure highest level of compliance at all times to our internal standard as well as external rules and regulation.

Driver Training

STSB strives to provide the most advanced training available to our drivers so that we can provide the safest, most effective service to our customer and be safe road users to the public. By working diligently to help select and approve the most qualified drivers available and providing them with comprehensive and ongoing training, we ensure their duties will be performed safely and effectively. By these measures, STSB assures that we are putting the very best drivers on the road. All RKPs/Drivers are trained through application of the Smith Driving Methodology and their adherence to safe driving techniques is constantly monitored and reviewed through onboard cameras by the respective departments.

Drivers/RKPs are also trained on a periodic basis and reminded about importance to remain vigilant at all times. To ensure highest compliance with the strict requirements STSB has setup internally, STSB operational staff would periodically monitor measures, such driving distance from the front vehicle and steering postioning to ensure STSB professional drivers always stay compliant and alert in meeting the high safety standards required in their role as a professional driver. This is not only strategically important for STSB, but also critical for the safety of the driver and other road users.

Emergency Response Service Team

STSB has its own trained Emergency Response Team, equipped with the necessary equipment to respond to emergency situations. The staffs in charge are always on standby and have been trained through simulation drills to manage unwanted adverse incidents. Part of STSB Risk Management Plan, is to mitigate possibility units being stranded by the shoulder of the road for an extensive period of time due to engine or other issues. STSB therefore decided to invest on its own Tow Truck and purchased of a Scania P380 geared for high tonnage recovery, and equipped to even tow a fully loaded B Double Tanker.